Welcome to Digital Tales

Stories transport us to new worlds and help us see through the eyes of others. They inspire us to grow, to reach for a deeper understanding of how we fit into the fabric of the past, present, and future universe.

With your life in perpetual motion, do you take time to dream? To fill your well of creativity?

There was a time, not so long ago, when children lugged backpacks full of textbooks to school, and when avid readers had to wait for a prized book to be checked back in at the library.

But now, words have been liberated from the physical page and speech has been freed from hard media. We have smart phones and tablets, earbuds and bluetooth, all of which are continuously linked to our favorite data whenever and wherever we wish.

At Digital Tales we lend an inspirational voice to your non-fiction books so the executive-in-training on her subway commute can design a brighter future full of possibility. We provide the nuanced performance so that your latest novel transforms a monotonous road trip into a cherished family adventure.

It's our mission to make your life in motion entertaining, educational, and enlightening through stellar Audiobook Production and Marketing.